SmartWall Technology

SmartWall Technology is a business idea and associated technology that I have been working on in various capacities since 2010. The project started as my senior design project at Tufts University and was undertaken in conjunction with my teammates Laura Costello and Patrick McKelvy. The original code is available on GitHub.

More recently, I have been working on the project on my own time with CU Law student Adam Gianola. We have used the project as the basis for our entry in the 2012 CU New Venture Challenge Start-up Competition.

If you are interested in hearing more about this project, please contact me.

SmartWall Concept

SmartWall Technology aims to build a standardized system for the monitoring, control, and automation of home and office electrical systems. This system will replace the current use of ‘dumb’ electrical interfaces (standard outlets, light fixtures, appliances, etc.) with networked, switchable, programmable counterparts. The new system will be affordable, retrofittable, open, and extensible. It will allow for Web-based remote energy monitoring, control, and automation on a fine grain, per- device level. It will also allow for the creation of intelligent automation schemes that can increase the energy efficiency of a building’s electrical system. The open and extensible nature of the system will allow third-parties to develop apps offering additional functionality as well as allowing device manufacturers to directly implement the technology in their products.


This video was prepared as part of our CUNVC 2012 entry.