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Every now and again, someone finds it necessary to contact me. Occasionally, they find it both necessary to contact me, and devoid of any means for doing so. If you currently find yourself in that situation, hopefully this page will provide the information you need. If not, I don't quite know what to tell you, since the only way to get more information on how to contact me, is to contact me in the first place. Nuts.


If you would like to contact me securely, you can find my GPG public key (0xF613E73432C59C00) on various key-servers like or I'm also on KeyBase. My colleague Matt Monaco has constructed an excellent GPG tutorial for the uninitiated.

Via the Interwebs

Via the Mail

It doesn't get tested often, but if you mail something to the following address, it will probably get to me. If in doubt, e-mail me so I know to keep an eye open for it.

Andy Sayler
Twitter Boulder
1301 Walnut St
Boulder, CO 80302